The Department of Neurology is committed to integrating their exceptional medical expertise, technology, and innovation to offer the best in class treatments. The department provides treatment for people with different types of nero-disorders, multidisciplinary assessment and management of multiple sclerosis and headaches. The department has a leading panel of surgeons, doctors, and nursing staff who offer cutting-edge diagnosis using the latest neuro- imaging techniques.


We have state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting edge technology at the Neurology department to ensure the best outcomes for our patients in neurology and neurosurgery. The talent pool is further enhanced by qualified and well-trained nursing and technical professionals. The nurses are trained in the latest techniques across various specialities and have implemented global best practices in care-giving. We also provide out-patient speciality clinic for neurology.

Treatments & Procedures


  • Astrocytoma (Brain Tumour)
  • Drainage of brain abscesses and Cyst.
  • Head Injuries and Spine Injuries
  • Megingioma ( Brain Tumour)
  • Peripheral Nerve Surgery
  • Spinal Tumour
  • Spinal Fusion
  • V.P. Shunt (Treatment of Hydrocephalous)