We at BMRC understand that prompt care and expertise are paramount while dealing with potentially life-threatening situations. Being equipped with one of the best critical care units in East India enable us to provide the most reliable and efficient service on a 24x7 basis. It often requires spontaneous diagnosis, invasive monitoring and organ support to manage the crisis and ensure immediate survival. Typically, the staff-to-patient ratio is much higher in this unit as compared to others to ensure survivability of the patents.

We have 36 beds with state-of-the art equipments under the care of ICU RMO, ICU In charge and group of doctors supported by highly trained and skilled nursed and technicians.

Treatments & Procedures


  • 24 hours critical care ambulance
  • Transport Ventilator
  • Cardiac Monitor
  • 24*7 Diagnostic (CT Scan, Dialysis, X-Ray, Pathology)